Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CSA Box #1!

Menu Plan Monday: This is my first time posting to MPM! I'm a new blogger, so I'm a bit behind…my routine is to create my meal plan, Wednesday through the following Friday (10 days). This means that it overlaps, so I often change my Wednesday through Sunday plans. I do this to allow for flexibility on the weekends, but still have dinner on the table if I run late on planning. Last weekend I went camping, so here I've included a camp menu-which covers breakfast, lunch and dinner-and my regular meal plan, which is just dinner. Lunch is either leftovers from the night before or something from the freezer. Breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal, sometimes a smoothie.

My big challenge this week was the arrival of my first ever CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box! What am I going to do with all of this stuff?!?


1)Cilantro: into guacamole on Friday. Make a pesto with the rest and freeze in ice cube trays.

2)Bok choy: Grill it for Saturday dinner.

3)Mystery green - I think it's a kind of chard: Sunday dinner

4)Lettuce: salads! Friday night, Saturday night.

5)Broccoli rabe: Thursday dinner.

6)Rainbow Chard: Monday dinner

7)Kale-2 kinds: Sunday dinner

8)Radishes: Tuesday dinner

9)Arugula: Salads, Friday and Saturday night.

Today is Wednesday, so the CSA delivery fits in well with my usual routine. Here is my plan…next time I hope to link all the recipes. For now, if you're interested in a recipe let me know in the comments!

Wednesday-Veggie lasagna (freezer)

Thursday-Hubby: out; Me: braised broccoli rabe and rice

Fri Dinner-On the road-Chopped salad: avocado, corn, hard boiled eggs, chicken for hubby, bacon, buttermilk dressing, blue cheese, tomatoes, leaf lettuce, arugula; At camp-Cheese/crackers; Guoc & chips (add tomatoes); Banana boats

Sat Brekkie-Oatmeal; HB eggs; Coffee/tea; Berries and Yogurt

Sat Lunch-PBJ on raisin bread; Carrots; Avocado; Fruit leather; Trail mix/granola bars

Sat Dinner-Burgers on ciabatta; Beans; Grilled bok choy; Corn on cob; Apple cobbler

Sun Brekkie-Oatmeal; HB eggs; Coffee/tea; oranges

Sun Lunch-PBJ on raisin bread; Carrots; Fruit leather; Trail mix/granola bars

Sunday-Braised greens, 2 kinds (Kale and chard) and chicken sausages with lemon pasta

Monday-Beans and red chard with rice

Tuesday-Boiled radishes and radish pasta


Thursday-Fajita bowls-freezer


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